Thursday, 26 April 2012


As Redfaced David Cameron screamed at the leader of the opposition from the dspatch box, he resembled a public school bully being blackballed from the pudding club!
as the party of low tax introduce a granny tax,a caravan tax,a pasty tax even a tax on the renovation of canterbury cathedral the credibility of cameron's calamity cabinet lies in tatters,add to that the recent cash for access scandal apparently £250 k to dine with the PM the government is lurching from one in competent act to the next.
Justa couple of weeks after winding the nation up to expect fuel shortages by suggesting the tanker driver union had voted for strike action,when in fact they merely voted for a mandate for  a vote for strike action a very different thing.
when a senior minister advises the illegal act of storing petrol in gerry cans in the garage, you have to wonder about the sanity of cabinet ministers
on top of all that, more evidence  of the apalling mismanagement over the economy which is one fast becoming a part time economy with full time work being the exception ,not the rule ifwe counted our unemployed using the same method used in the usa the unemployment figure would be over 6 million
god forbid a british government being truthful about the unemployment figures.
When we are told that the quango' office of budgetary responsibility 'is 'independent' we must surely know the patronising parasites in charge are having a laugh.
Asthe national embarassment of foodbanks(the number of people using them has doubled in the last 12 months, soon the majority of towns will have them, never before have so many people been forced to live on charitable handouts it is aa new low in the social history of  our disunited kingdom
the cherry on the top isthe same government crowing about taking more people out of tax resulting in a tax cut of (if you are lucky)£200 for joe bloggs while the tax cut was ££10,000 for those earning  over £150 kand a massive£40k cut formillionaires like those who inhabit the cabinet in arger numbers than ever before out of touch,incompetent on everything from border controlsto enormously expensive  unnecessary top down reorganisation of the nhs and cruel and patronising reassessment of disabled people who are incapable of meaningful work, while they totally miss the real scroungers and leak false stories to the press.
As verincreasing numbers of decent tories dispair, bankers bonuses have not been curbed and the March borrowing figures exceeded those of MARCH 2011it's looking like the Eds could not do worse than the public school bullies currently in charge aided and abetted by liberal democrats who have give up ever principle the party ever had.