Thursday, 19 April 2012

theCALAMITY coalition cabinetlurch to further cock ups

while Theresa May's COCK UP OVER abdul's deportation and the ECHR has taken today's headlines while  the wilfulwasteful welfare reforms as wellbeing badly targeted and farmed out to Atos for profit at much higher cost the foolish government policy
is resulting in120,000 under priviledgedchildren will no longer be entitled to free school meals, when you look at the budget's£40,000 tax cut for millionaires look even more obscene if that were possible one can only hope Lord Winston's party politicalbroadcast ahead of the local elections does hit home with voters,decent  tories don't want to talk politics at present so such a shambolic picture of britain they are broadcasting to the world.
shame on their self serving selfishness which hits the weakest hardest while turning our economy into a slump of part-timers
how much more of this regressive destructive government atre people going to be prepared to take?we saw last summer people will take so much and no more,just a shame Milliband is cut from the same plummy cloth