Saturday, 28 April 2012


anything like the way the government and media have done adding to ignorance and prejudiceof the uninitiated who have been allowed toget the feling there are million
Practice and Theory clash heavily in this instance, even before one considers the very real social damage done to many of the workers who havelive and worked at remploythe reason theory and practice collideis the chocolate teapot nature of the disabled descrimination act, yes brought onto statute by the tories but drafted with more holes than your average teabag the vast majority of ordinary work places inBritainare pre dicrimination act and huge numbers are incapable of adequate adaptation.the legislationis so weakbusinesses and individuals can post very weak objectionsinorder to be released from any compulsion to adapt the adaptation of public transport does not have to be completed until 2025, even then many railway stations will not have suitable access for wheelchair users and adequate safeguards for blind deaf and partially sighted people, meaning it's not just the workplace infrastructurebutb the public transport infrastructure locking out many disabled people from the ablebodied workplace the disabled discrimination act as drafted provides for neither a proper implementation/enfoprcement body nor the neccessary legal regulation required to routinely provide for action to ensure disabled people who are able to contribute meaningfully in the workplace can do so.

combining the discrimination bodies into one means neither sexual,religious or disabled discrimination receivethe necessary attention to resolve issues which arise in each, disability is different in terms that it is often the management of physical barriersand the reluctance of others to remove them combined with that old fashioned prejudice of the narrow minded which all must be dealt with before it is in any way fair to selectThis disenfranchised portion of society could be pressurised in s of people who could work and don't as a life choice which is patent nonsense.
I for one would gladly swap my multiple disabilities for the life i had before i aquired my disabilities nearly 15 years ago, now living day to dy is, though i wish it wasn't all i am reasonably capable of doing and that with help of carers.there is so much that society should have done and be doing other than demonising a portion of society least able to defend itself it is un christian , un fair and very un-British the current regime should be utterly ashamed of the way they have treated the nations most vulnerable.