Monday, 26 July 2010


Lets not cry wolf too soon
lets not cry wolf too soon!
If the leaked information is about things already known about which have already happend bout not reported in the more general media is it really a danger to our troops
or merely scaremongering to stop people and organisations looking too closely at what is going.
Nuclear secrets being leaked= problem tomorrows operations being leaked= problem visits by the US president being trailed = problem does leaking factual events in the recent past = problem long hard thinking is required as to the answer not knee jerk reactions by authorities frightened of electorates discovering what is really done in our names some wiki leaks about what our PM and Chancellor were doing in the southern states of the USA studying the subsistence and lack of accomodation and healthcare afforded to recently redundant middle class americans who lost their homes immediately after having to default on rents and mortgages as soon as they were sacked could it be that while Obama is seeking to improve social provision for those without work in the US The tory leadership wishes to use their currently failing welfare programmes as a blue print to run ours thus saving £billions and driving an even larger wedge between the wealthiest 2% in the UK who own80% of the nations wealth and the middle , lower and classless remainder one Could make an educated guess as to how an elite group of former public schoolboys might see it!