Sunday, 25 July 2010

GERMAN GRAND PRIX what do rules mean?

In theory since a blatant incident when ferrari chose which driver it would allow to win a grand prix to the total discust of the world F1 audience both at the race and world wide on tv.
This lead to an FIA ruling which banned team orders which influenc the result of agrand prix
However today's batant team order which allowed Fernando alonzo to pass
Massa not only deprived the viewing public of a potential cliffhanger of a finish
but was also clearly in breach of the 'noteam orders' rule
Ferrari were given but a cursory slap on the wrist with the result standing and the application of a derisory fine of £65000
One can only wonder somewhat sceptically how much of a deterrent to further beaches of this rule such a paltry fine.are the viewing public being short changed by the failure of the FIA to apply with rigour the rules they themselves put in place
where is the integrity?