Sunday, 25 July 2010

why should the coalition be beyond criticism?

How easy it is for those who support the coalition to find criticism of a coalition which comprises no party which won an overall majority and therefore lacks legitimacy
to complain when one side of the coalition dumps it's principles to govern in theory with a party seeks to reeat the obvious mistakes of the past tory regimes by putting in place policies to remove customers from the private sector by making hasty daconian cuts to the public sector after having passded the most divisive budget resulting in those least able to pay shouldering the largest burden of a national debt which has resulted from policies to support the banking sector voted for, by the tories
together with the need of the labour government to put right oimmense damage done to the nations infrastructure and public services over 18 years of tory mis rule which resulted in increased national debtas the inactivity of4-5 million unemployed not only reduced tax revenues but had to be paid subsistence as a result of their destruction of the nations economynext year as a result of a budget which wuiill remove the best part of £50 billion from the economy combined with cuts to public service used mainly by the less wealthy public borrowing will rise as it did in the 80s to pay for benefit needed by the11-13% who will find themselves unemployed and unable to contribute as a result of unnecessary dogma 'to deal with the deficit rather thanreasonable frestraints in public spending over time allowing the private sector the necessary time to take up at least some of the slack of unemployed public services workers
private sector unemployment will be far from immune as every public sector worker who losses their job has less money toi buy goods and services from the private sector which simply= yert more unemployment something to which the wealthiest 10% are immune and could care, not a jot about as for osbourne claiming his policies led to the 1.1% growth, he is pedalling blatant falsehood their misguided policies were only introduced in late may and passed erly june and simply could not have had effect positive or negativegive the timescale give it 6 months and the damage resulting from the condems,who nobody voted for will be much more obviousIt is then the daily mail reader will call foul! those who cannot see the folly of the current government either have the memory span of a goldfish or gained advantage from the mismanagement of the public finances in the 80s and early 90s.only those with an income of £150K per annum or more will gain from the policies of the so called coalition half of which has a dubious claim on a liberal agenda there should be a law which requires an election after 6 months of a coalition of parties without an overall majority to ensure the electorate are happy with the way government is proceeding.