Thursday, 22 July 2010


WHILE Nick Clegg fumbled through pmqs with all the authority of a leasder who's [party came third in the election his'bigger me David Cameron was making one of the most embarrassing cock ups any of our PMs have made abroad after having appeared to be desperate to tell the Americans that we would not be bossed about and may withdraw some troops from Afghanistan as early as next year(pigs might fly).
The PM then went on a crawling and fawning mission more nauseating than we've seen for years so busy was he boot licking that he forgot some key facts in the modern history of Great Britain he actually said that we were the junior partner in the struggle against Hitler in 1940 a time when Britain stood alone as most schoolboys if not old Eatonians know the Americans only joined us in our fight after Japanese aircraft bombed Pearl Harbour in December 1941
not only was that a very embarrassing gaffe It was an insult to many of the survivors of 1940
who could have been forgiven for thinking their Prime Minister may have a few correct facts about British twentieth century history more at the forefront of his thoughts while visiting Arlington Cemetery.
PerhapsMiddle England will wake up at last to one simple fact Cameron is not up to the job
embarrassing abroad incompetent at homehe is the wrong man for the job as is his deputy.