Tuesday, 20 July 2010

big society not just a cover for cuts!

best efforts of tory spokesman Nick Robinson the mistsakenly appointed political editor, to claim the 'BigSociety' as his big Idea it is clearly a false premis from the start this supposedly revolutionary idea is nothing but a PRrehash of Tony Blair'sStake holder society which also flopped. Not only is it the case that there are simply not enough people with the right xpertisewho have the time to run public services in the manor required as the retirement age rises over the coming years, something of a retrograde step, this will lead to even fewer people being available.Cameron SEEMS TO LIVE IN SOME 1950s parallel universe when most households managed on 1 working wage.the Prime Minister's contempt for the intelligence of the electorate is clear as when people don't like his ideas he sppins them in true PR fashion and shouts them all the louder! people are too busy to listen to such ill thought out drivel which is not only a cover for cuts but a diversionary tactic from the elephant in the room which is the seldom discussedrequirement for the banks to repay the £trillions lent to them by the tax payer by Gordon Brown's government and the Bank of England and supported 100% by Cameron's opposition.It needed to be done to save our financial system from collapsebut it's swift repayment would and should make an enourmous dent in the national debtand make the cuts that are required to balance the books very much more manageablewithout the need for the drastic short order cuts which are born out of dogma to dismantle the welfare state and but british people who lose their jobs and the most vulnerable people such as the disabled and elderly into to the kind of desperate situation faced by the disenfranchised in the southern states of America where free healthcareis a thing of the past and affordable healthcare as put through the senate by Obama is yet to reached the impoverished black community!Camereon and Osbourne are determined to bring us back to the pre world war two survival of the fittest where the needy can go get charity or drown make no mistakeCUDDLY cAMERON always was and is a very rightwing, far from one nation Tory to fail to understand this is to ignore the evidence placed before us everyday since the MAY ELECTION WHICH HE AND HIS DEPUTY FAILED TO WIN.