Monday, 19 July 2010

just like Blair Cameron ain't listening

The Stalinist approach Cameron has of relaunching failed ideas until people listen is the same approach Tony Blair took with his idea which Cameron stole different only in name ,Blair called it the 'stakeholder society'one cannot get a cigarrette paper between the two ideas, or frankly the two people.Nno matter what cameron says it is about running local services often for the less able in society on the cheapwealthy people are known to use public services very little which is why they have such contempt for what they don't understand.relaunching an idea which failed to catch on when Blair did it and when Cameron first failed it reflects one thing and one thing only he is not listening, not listening over a longer steadier approach to dealing with the national debt not listening when the school building programme is cut to fund blair/cameron Academies not listening when services for children and vulnerable adults are cut over night not listening to the fact that he did not get an overall majority and has no mandate for much of the programme is so called coalition is rushing through to avoid proper parliamentary scrutiny not listening to the fact that our nation has not yet recovered from the me myself I self centred'there is no such thing as society dogma which hanuted the 1980's and which Blair did little to discourage Cameron is also failing to realise that people in the real world are struggling to make ends meet and have no time, literally for the big societyIt is not even as if he has said local authorities will drop their council tax, which they won't .the 'big society reiteration proves beyond doubtCameron and his condems are totally out of touch.the indercent haste with which he seeks to steamroller his ill thoughtout plans through parliament ios of growing concern among grassroots members of all political parties and none as his coalition partners lack the backbone and principle to ensure the legislative programme born of no single political party and there for in no manifesto, for the electorate to scrutinise is UNDEMOCRATIC UNBRITISHandas wrong as doubling overseas aid to afghanistan while upping VATand cutting services at home.Cameron is a menace and needs to ber stopped by all means possible.