Sunday, 18 July 2010

legalised theft to fund 'Big Society

I hope somebody goes to court to get the law , given assent in 2008 but it is surely against natural justice to stop this unclaimed funds in banks may be just that unclaimed one thing is certain IT DOES NOT BELONG TO THE GOVERNMENT
EVEN TO FUND A FANCIFUL IDEA LIKE THE'BIG SOCIETY supposed to be run by volunteers
quite where they will come from is unclear as people are having to work pretty much 24/7 not only to earn but to look after their offspring oh what about retired people?
how long for there will be fewer newly retired people willing to give up their spare time
when the government insists on allowing people to work on and on and on as usual just PR puff from a PR PM who would not be there but for a ludicrous electoral system and a cobbled together agreement by MPs nobody voted for a con/dem manifesto no such thing existed at the time of the election Cameron has no right to claim unclaimed savings
It would be nothing short of theft just like theft by finfing!Even if the policy was realistic in the 21st century which it is why is it believe people fall for this nonsense?