Saturday, 17 July 2010


A ConservativeMP has taken the law into his own hands by banning women wearing the Burkha
fom his constituency surgeryThis raises a number of issues:-
1.Is racism a thing of the past in the conservative party?
2.are we to end up foregoing hard fought for freedoms because France and Belgium appear to have decided that a Ban on this traditional form of female Muslim dress in public is justified?
Are we in the UKto assume as they apparently do in France and Belgium thatMuslim Women are different and in some way less law abiding than the rest of society?
That dividing society further is the way to rule it?
Are we really to believe that the vast majority of Muslim will not reveal their identity when requested to do so?Must the right wing hysteria which pervades modern times dictate Banning Orders in UK society which is normally portrayed as tolerant and free.
Surely the freedoms which have been and still are being hard fought for by our troops on the ground should not be thrown away at the first sign of ignorant hysteria in the right wing media
Travel broadens the mind is a trueism which is as accurate today as it always was those who have travelled know that wherever you go around the world there are good and bad people no batter what creed or colour The right wing moralising which suggests the west somehow holds the moral ground because a hand ful of extremists acted on 9/11 in the US and7/7 in London
is quite nonsensical when one considers the invasion of OIraq done on the wrong premis of a very dodgy dossier of inaccurate information and questionable legal basis as another UN resolutionshould have been sought before invasion very morally questionableas was the actions of British and american corporationspillaged the country of massive amounts of oil assets among other things towhich we had no right This is a modern version of the Imperialism of past centuries which provided the wealth which fuelled the industrial revolution The basis of the wealth which western'civilized society enjoys today That Imperialism and more modern versions of it give the West no right to the moral high ground live and let live,freedom for all
is what we should all be striving to achieve.