Wednesday, 14 July 2010

indecisive dogma

THE debt is high we know that but the office of national statistics is not famed for it's accuracy the debt is a mere figleaf over the real reason for public service cuts which is a dogma seen before in the tory party but never with the liberals who with indecent haste have supported very swift very divisive budget and austerity programme with no democratic mandate to act as swiftly and decisively against the middle and classes andthose with the lowest incomes claiming that the public services on which the low earners rely upon,but which the wealthy are largely able to do without the dogma now at play seeks to target the disenfranchised who have very little to contribute financiallynow even less as from jan 4th,due to the warped list of shopping basket items which are zero rated(you pay vat on toilet roll and healthier types of food and thus discriminates against the have nots as when the vat rate happens benefit claimants will return1/5of their benefit back to the government in sales tax even for many esential items of the weekly shopthe curremnt narrative regarding austerity answers the question of banks repaying the taxpayer at commercial rates of interest about as effectively as the PR PM at pmqs ie not at all one could be forgiven for thinking the austerity dogma is imposed spocifically to pay off the national debt without speaking or acting about how and when the banks will return to the taxpayer the £trillions which banks owe not just because they acted within the regulatory framework behind which they hidebut because ,many of them made dreadful investment decisions on packages of debt purchased blind from the united states for which they must take responsibility cutting rural watchdogs is yet another gimmick which will make no differnce whatsoever to the debt but will undoubtedly endanger the rural economy and the greenbelT for no iscernable effect on the nationalk debt the banks must pay up and do so immediately.this will have a very large and discernable effect on the debtmaybe a further principle which could and perhapos shouldshould be done away with is our place on the UNsecurity council a country as apparently impoverished as the united kingdom can surely no longer afford to be partisan boot lickers of the USAshould the united kingdom scale back all armed services to a roll condusive, not only our real importance as a nation in the world but ensure the army airforce and navy we have are specifically taylored to the defence of our islands and not for ill advised military adventures to areas of the world where our forces have no business being and are not wantedwe should perhaps become a neutral nation like the swiss, the duch and the Irish to name but a fewthe savings would be enormous in lives as well as cash.the austerity programme seems to wish to ignore what instruments of world power we do have the programm such as it exists post budget and pre spending revue will end up increasing not cut government borrowing in exactly the same wayMrs Thatcher's government did she cut almost every department plus public sector projects and spending made record numbers of people unemployed and thus unproductive massaged the unemployment figures by splitting the figures between unemployment and incapacity benefits then needed to raise borrowing still further top be for the economic inactivity of over10% of the workforce,while todays unemplloyent figures reflect the quantative easing return to growth policies of both the last gobvernment and the BoE.The figures lag behind the subsequent policies of the new conservative government includinga budget which when the full VAT increase takes hold will remove nearly £50 billion from the economy which will undoubtedly lead to mass unemployment which could well exceed those of the darlkest days of the 80s and could end up rivalling spain's20% unemployment rate.It is unneccessary to put the united kingdom through this a longer term approach to cuts would be more measured, allow the private sector not to fall into the slump which will befall it but instead give the private sector time to expand enough to take up a greater proiportion of the unemployed which will come from the public sectorTHE REAL UNTOLD STORY IS THAT CURRENT POLICIES WILL LEAD TO MORE DEBT NOT LESS AND AN INCREASED NOT DECREASED BURDEN OF DEBT ON THE VERY FUTURE GENERATIONS THE CURRENT DOOMED POLICIES ARE SUPPOSED TO HELP THE Policies are an unthought out kneejerk reaction to what thePrime Minister thinks middle England want to hearthe outdated over simplisticMcCauber principle is the claptrap spouted by the pre election govt is no way to run one of the world's biggest economies which is why there is not a single economy worldwide which employs this domestic science style economic model how many house holds have 65million peopleIt is nothing short of childish ofCammeron and cronies to pretend it is as they target their guns on not what is best for the country but on an outdated dogma which has already failed when the dear daily mail reader loses his job he may start to understand this meanwhile call me dave pretends it's the same for all seaking from the heights ofhowever he is not the only one who misrepresents the current difficulties his ivory towersthe vast numbers of correspondents on our major news channels glibbly state how we will be affected by the budget and subsequent cuts one must remember that almost everyone of them earns as much if not more than the Prime MinisterTHE SAME CAN BE SAID OF THE EDITORS OF NATIONAL NEWSPAPERSnever was it truer to say don't believe all you read in the papers and see on the newsas it is today