Friday, 9 July 2010


What shall we cut?
coming hot on the heels of which laws shall we scrap the latest PR gimmick from Prime Minister David Cameron is a somewhat lame attempt to convince the electorate that the government is listening how many people does he believe would cut parliamentary expenses if as is highly likely the electorate came back at him with that?
he'll no more cut what he doesn't wish to than he will scrap laws he doesn't want to just how stupid does he think the electorate is afterall if not for our appalling electoral system and backroom wheeling and dealing with the party which came third he would not be PM
Cameron is running the government like a second rate PR outfit.
An ideological race to cut the fiscal deficit which owes more to Mrs Thatcher than sound economics which has more to do with divide and rule than reducing the size of the state! a budget which scarcely touched the wealthy but hammered the tory middle class and those on minimum wage and right at the bottom of the food chain disenfranchised genuine benefit claimants.
while on the one hand linking the state pension to average earnings lowering the annual rate of up lift from the inflation rate asearmarked by the retail price index
to the evenmore inaccurate but lower consumer price index given the average age of conservative party members not the smartest move thopugh of course big business and pension funds will have to payout less drawing yet more money from the economy when all this blows back in his face and he tries to hide behindCleggyweggy they will say in unison that they followed the policies the electorate asked for what a dodgy dossier proof of that would make still our 80% rightwing media will fawn over him having quickly changed fom critic of government to obsequiese toadies supporting the government once the new who would be in no.10we're all in this together will be the overidding odditty which will be the epitath of the coalition that wasn't as the fiscal deficit increases to pay for 5 million unemployed the realisation of the parrallels with the thatcher government and following major governments masy finally hit home with those with one ounce of intelligence anyway.with hope of a workable PRelectoral system all but gone because of the gerrymandering add ons we are left once again
for the house of lords to send as much of the new legislation back to the commons as possible where we will see a use of the parliament act by a government made bymps of two parties and not elected by anyone some new politics this!