Monday, 5 July 2010


2 Facts surely bring the governments decision to ring fence the overseas development/aid budget firstly the amount of aid that does not reach those who need it cash payments to border guards, lorry drivers and other officials decimateaid given to many african and asian nations
some of which have a better balance of payments than we do if not for internal corruption in some of these countries they would be well able tofeed clothe and accomodate their own
In one particularly outrageous case India which still receives aid from Britain while being able to afford to triple it's defence budget.surely government Transport minister Phil Hammond told the daily politics the government did not want to pay back our national debt on the backs of the world's poor, seeming to indicate using our own poor and under priviledged to pay back the debt by not only increasing VAT but by drastically cutting the public services which are disproportionately required and used by poor people suggesting very considerable double standards are abroad in the government.
Ifwe are to believe what we read in the media there are too many managers in the nhs where apparently there is considerable waste apparently cuts could be made without cutting front line staff so it could be argued health budgets should not be ring fenced either while areguments about ring fencing ragethe £billions owecxd to the taxpayer to prevent the collapse of the banking system are quietly forgotten even though that money would make a serious dentin our national debt negating the need for a process of anything like as deep cuts to public spending with the devastating effect on economic recovery those cuts are and will continue totake more and more money out of the economy