Monday, 5 July 2010


East Sussex county council are expected to approve a package of cuts which include not only cuts
to servicesfor vulnerable people like the disabled and elderly but also cuts to services for children
the conservative controlled county council seem to have picked , not the areas of highest expenditure
but the areas easiest to hit due to the inability of those hit to fight just across the border in west kent
special needs education is being cut while academies are having money poured into them while big questions remain about the effectiveness of an apparent third tir of schools after comprenensives and grammar schools does calling a failing comp a academy and hurling resources at it at the expense of an investment in special needs education change anything particularly when parents consistently put the school at the bottom of their list?
Meanwhile central government is set to dramatically cut the school repair and rebuild budget which
may not only heighten health and safety issues in schools awaiting refurbishment but damage the education ofmany children who's parents may actually be infavour of the conservative governments austerity, until of courseit effects them! Could not one be forgiven for thinking all this is happening too quickly without a clear mandate as people voted notcon dem but conservative,labour and libdem.
While the cuts bite deeper the tuc continue twiddling their thumbs instead of organising mass protest against the actions of a government seeking to make the most vulnerable pay most not only in tax but in lost, vital public services all this when planned longer termreduction in spending would cut in half the dficit in four years without the coming unemployment not only reducing tax receipts but upping the public borrowing requirement to pay for it government by ideology deprives the nation of te pragmatism needed to deal with the debt but not so literally
and quicklyat the expense of the electorate
they need to realise fast people do not vote for balance sheets they vote for good leadership and fairnessIt is ever clearerwhich section of society is paying most!