Sunday, 4 July 2010


ews has broken across the news agencies that George Osbourne chancellor of the exchequer
now wants ministers to providec details of what would be cut if he were to ask for40% instead of the original request for 25-30% cuts attempt to suggest that the request for information would not be a prelude to these deeper cuts is being viewed with extreme scepticism amid real fears
that action will be taken to align our benefits system with that in many of the southern states of America, where tented cities are springing up in middle class areas and people exist on charitable donations of food
these are in areas where obama's universal affordable healthcare is not yet a reality.
tThe new right wing British Administration, unfettered bytheir coalition partners are attempting to end the welfare stayte to the detriment of hundreds of thousands of physically and mentally lessable adults who daily incure extra costs of disability already inadequately catered for by current disability benefits.
There is currently NO sign of serious opposition from the libdem side of the coalition leaving many thousands of of low paid and disabled people in Brtitain who do not know who will stand up on their behalf now as the Government seeks to cut the borrowing deficit at a speed which vould only be described as one.unnecessarily speedy or 2reckless.
If one accepts the fact that thepreviously lower cuts figure and budget would take£43 billion out of the economy and stifle recovery cuts of the new figure must surely need to huge slump and declinein tax receipts which can only need to inreased borrowing necessary if only tofund a vastly reduced welfare bill,as people cannot live on thin air the new cuts must put the recent committment to link pensions to earnings in serious doubt along with David Cameron's committment not to means test winter fuel allowance for pensionersIF Lib dems allow these extra cuts to go through it will be clear any committment to liberal principles other than electoral reform as totally non existent It will be interesting to see if the media, which has taken on the role of government supporter rather than critic which it was before the election will go quiet on this issue as the markets open and the working week beginssurely major TUC action is now unaviodable alkong with large and voiciferous public demonstration to wait would be to ignore the fierce pace with which this government is moving to avoid scrutiny every day seems to bring another attack on what is more important to the lower paid and poor than on what is important to the wealthy under the guise of cutting waste and saving 'our children from the burden of debt which looks likely to rise not fall just as it did during the mass unemployment years of Thatcher and Major which look sure to be superceeded by Cameron and Osbourne given the deeper depth of cuts now to be implemented whop voted for this?
it will surely affect tory voters may be then PEOPLE WILL WAKE UP TO THE SERIOUSNESS
The 'calming words of the ttansport MinisterPhil Hammond have failed to pour oil on these stormy waters