Sunday, 10 June 2012


Swedish people and others across Scandanavia should realise if they don't already the magnificent event which was the Diamond Jubilee of H M QUEEN ELIZABETH 2ND masks a disturbing reality  in the SUPPOSEDLY  United Kingdom OF GREAT Britain&Northern Ireland, the rising amount of discrimination against Disabled people with tacit Government approval, why.
With a floundering economy rising unemployment & zero growth the government is hiding behind,not only the eurozone crisis but also an incidious attack on benefit claimants which is vicious in nature particularly as the government's own figures put benefit fraud at 0.5% of  the budget with Disability living benefits with among the very lowest benefit fraud figures yet genuinely disabled people are being attacked with draconian, demeaning and insulting assessments with the single aim of frightening those who are genuinely unable to work, even an inpatient at a psychiatric hospital has been declared fit for work by the department of work and pensions privately outsourced assessment company French computer company Atos.Severely Disabled victims of head injury among others are being harangued and harassed into attending capacity to work assessments and meetings with with so called adviers who will help people, many of whom worked long and hard before aquiring disability through no fault of their own.
among them veteran military victims from the conflicts in Iraq and latterly Afghanistan.the media in the UK
 is 80% owned by those with leanings toward the right in the political sphere, who singularly fail to point out that demonised Disabled and other benefit claimants are  not responsible for  the banking bailout or the dreadful economic management  of a very one sided coalition government a section of society has not been so vilified and attacked by a supposedly democratically elected regime  since the 1930s Germany.
Much as I hate to use the N-word It is no exaggeration that the cuts to benefits and services imposed by the current government is turning the disabled community of the UK into the niggers of the 21st century subject as they are to government sponsored apartheid while the wealthy receive £40 k pa tax cuts and the government fails to deal with the out of control bonus for failure culture dominating the private and to a lesser extent public sectors
It could justifiably be said it is also a failure of the EU that the British government has been allowed to single out one of the most vulnerable sections in society.
so much for a sense of British fair play and support for the underdog.