Friday, 1 June 2012

it's a shame they didn't u-turn on hitting disabled people

 It is a shame they don't u-turn on the hell they are putting genuine disabled through with the capacity to work assessment and draconian cuts to the incomes and services for genuinely disabled people while continuing to miss the skivers and shirkers the govt. in cahoots with the 80% Tory media to massively over estimate the amount of benefit fraud on disabled benefits which is actually among the lowest at according to their figures at just0.5% they've given huge contracts to their friends and some forgein companies who through their shocking incompetence are causing severe anxiety and in many case serious depression, not among the streetwise manipulating the system for their own ends but among genuinely disabled people many of whom worked before disability hit and now simply cannot through no fault of their own

in common with far right governments of the past in Europe the current incompetent calamity coalition now the regime controlling a survival of the fittest, pick on minorities insidious policies used historically by the rightwing to deflect be they at home or of overseas origin to deflect attention from their incompetent handling of the nhs, the economy and yes deficit reduction the unemployment the are adding to daily is paid for by increased borrowing their social policy of tacitly encouraging disablism and vilification of benefit claimants as a whole, which is at a tangent to the typically and Lordable attitude of backing the underdog and supporting those who can no longer support themselves the vast majority of ordinary people would make a lifestyle choice to live on benefit is not only preposterous because in spite of media reports it is far from easy existing on benefits is insulting to the individual and an indightment of government opinion of the intelligence of the masses the current government is out of touch, incompetent and an embarrassment to right thinking people as for those sitting on their hands allowing this to happen some decent Tories and most of the turncoat lib dems the should be ashamed and they are beneath contempt, what goes around comes around here endeth the lesson