Wednesday, 1 June 2011

where does the buck stop?

When the thorney issue of executive pay raises it's profile and is once again at the forefront of the media the most common reasons for paying large salaries are:-
1. to attract the brightest and best. retain the best staff
3.salaries are high due to the high level of responsibility(the buck stopping at the top!
yet as news breaks today that a nursing home for disabled and autistic adults is under investigation following a bbc panorama investigation which saw quite horrendous scenes of verbal and physical abuse and general neglect where clearly evident. the quality care commission has apologised, suggesting they knew and have launched an investigation into goings on at the privately run home.
but when push comes to shovewith the chief executive of the QCC resign?
will the relevant minister resign/take responsibilityIf several examples from the last 2/3 years are to be followed a resounding no will be the answer whether it be Rose Gibb in charge of the Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells nhs trust when 90 elderly patients were killed by the C/dificile suberbug & mrsa was prevalent as outsourced clenliness led to a dramatic collapse in standards of cleanlinesss elderly patients HOSPITALS in Maistone ,Tunbridge Wells and Pembury were all effected but the person paid to be responsible did not resign indeed won an appeal for unfair dismissal and had the nerve to appeal against the level of damages in order to get more after the intervention of the health secretary to deny her damages was deemed unlawful.
in the world of banking Sir Fred Goodwin previously subject of a super injunction
walked away with millions in shares and pensions as the taxpayer picked up the tab.culpability for the pottersbar train crash resulted in a big fine for railtrack which will doubtless be passed on to hardpressed passengers in fair increases.
when in this nation of ours will individuals paid to take on responsibility actually take responsibilityas the buck stops with them, or at least should.
Has this trend been encouraged by a succession of high profile politicians who have caught out and soldiered on or not resigned after being found guilty of wrong doing whatever the reason it is to the huge detriment to theUK that those who are paid very large sumsto take on responsibility continually fail to do so with little sign of any sanction whatever no wonder so little seems to improve in commerce ,the public sector or in the welfare state.whetherpolitician , businessleader commission ceoTHE BUCK STOPS AT THE TOPAND SHOULD BE SEEN TO DO SOOTHERWISE WHERE WILL IT ALL END?