Tuesday, 7 June 2011

LILLY Livered Milliband

Milliband doesn't get it either, utterly right to be concerned about adult social care both in side the system and domiciliary but offering to work with the government detracts from his credibility as leader of the opposition,he isplaying into the hands of the Condemswhen is he going to get angry and properly oppose thgis government if the labour and trade union movements sit back and take it while Birmingham council are set toseet a horrifyng example to other council s by exporting thousands of jobs to india if the tuc and the labour leader sits back and excepts that1. he has nocredibility as a leader of an opposition and 2. he and the tuc deserve everything they will get as a result of failing to oppose the most right wing government in generation 'trust me dave'(never)! must be rubbing his hands getting cooperation from an opposition who should be organising mass opposition not offering talks who does milliband think he is henry bleedin kissinger?IF THE LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION DOES NOT OPPOSE THE GOVERNMENT WHAT THE HELL IS HE THERE FOR? IT'S NOY LIKE THEY HAVE ANY CREDIBILITY