Sunday, 19 December 2010

where have all the leaders gone?

At least if he were to become the stiry Labour would be getting some coverage who is the leader again.If labour fail to tap intoi the resevoir of untapped working class votes
They will fail they must remember tha the majority of British people benng middleclass is a myth, while it is true to say that more middleclass people vote this is because working class people on low or average earnings have been given no reason to vote my a homogenised lump of westminster village people who refuse to recognise that working class people on factory floors still make more money for our country than, yes even the city.failure to reengage with ordinary people risks pushing them into the hands of the even more lunatic right. It is clear judging bythe budget and subsequent policy decisions
that the so called coalition comprising the tories and a group of non-descript yes men
have no interest whatsoever in the lives of ordinary people, so far Ed Milliband seems to have allied himself much more with the so called Squeezed middle while totally ignoring the squashed bottom who are in dire need of the representation lacking for the last thirty years with the exception of the minimum wage served up by Blair to placate the working class.
Shame IT is still way off being a living wagea point missed by all our so called political leaderswho 1. live on another planet and 2 have little if any interest in doing anything other than seeking to please the readers of the Mail,Expressand ofcourse the tory pr media machine also known as Murdoch's news innternational non of our main political parties have a leader worthy of the name without exception there has been a generation gap between those with the experience to be effective in governmentsnd a bunch of public school millionaires treating the palaceof westminster as their own eaton common room while the continued quantative easing programmefromthe preelection days ofBrown
Is the only thging keeping us from economic oblivionas the usual tory symtoms of high inflation and mass unemployment begin to materialisethe civil disobefience has started
the one thing remaining to completethe usual picture of tory government is high interest rates how long before they arrive they can't be 0.5% for ever.
We need bright leaders we need them now yet they are nowhere to be seen even the distant next election seems far from full of hope to our nation as it fails under failed dogmas of the past. no problem if you have wealth for the rest economic tundra as far as the eye can see sad but true