Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Is it naive

Is it naive to believe that if International relations were founded on truth and not falsehood inuendo and cynicism that wikkileaks would have little or no audience
the apparent perceived wisdom seems to be that countries, particularly the wealthiest are entitled to regularly use falsehood in international relations'to protect' national interestthe maxim that the truth will always out is one only proved by wikkileaks as for claims by those wir. much of what has leaks only confirms opinion vested interest that 'lives will be put at risk are at best spurious scaremongering.
It seemsInternational relations nor domestic politics have never been run with honesty at the core
what an interesting international experiment that would make
curious that David Cameron and George Osbourne have been discredited as in experienced by Merevyn King and as lightweightby the American government
the latter part of which was published ages ago in the new statesman.It seems the British electorate are the only ones who haven't cottoned on