Friday, 22 October 2010

overseas aid increase is another Con

Most people wouldn't mind if the overseas aid budget went to people who were starving or flooded out of their homes however their are two facts which stop this happening1. corruption payments to cross borders undue influence of thegovernment receiving the aid.
2.The fact that the governmentwill be using the aid budget to rebuild afghanistan
not party political the last government would have too we have no business being thereIf we couldn't win there in the days of the Raj and half a million Russians couldn't do it we never shall It is up to the populus of countries like afghanistan to evolve into democraciesit is not up to the west ti ompose democracy on other countries they'll need their own bloody revolutions to realise it's merits we even had the english civil war to help the process hereIf it's forced not only will it be even less perfect than ours but as now crooks like the afghan president kharzi will appeardemocratic and above reproach not long now before the condems decide our depleted armed forces should follow the yanks into IraqMurdoch and friends will do their best to justify more state imperialism