Wednesday, 20 October 2010


able to work are part of the genuinely Disabled community the government is missing the shirkers and cheats as they employ a private contractor(profit margin will be needed of course) to reassess people with chronic conditions who have already had more than on reassessment it's a huge waste of money as many of these people were able to work well meaning Tories in middle class towns up and down the country are believing genuinely disabled people will not lose benefits.
WRONG it's already happening up north and shows no signs of being improved before it is rolled out over the rest of the country in April assessors are being employed with no medical experience to sit in judgement over people they are NOT-qualified to properly assess forcing chronically sick people to go without while they appeal the decisions.the process is being handled so poorly 80% of appeals are being won by claimants and lost
by the private company assessing on behalf of the government who are guilty of the wilful discrimination against genuinely disabled people who would love to work if only they could many were once able but now simply cannot the overpriviledged cabinet are not listening they are not in it with the rest of us they insult the british people ervery time they say they arethey have not a clue about life in the real world do nothing to tackle tax ivasion and avoidance and are supporting by a sorry bunch who have lost the right to call themselves liberals let alone democrats as they've dumped every principle they have As for the new labour leader he is yet to show real and neccessary our s anger at the most divisive government since the 1980sNot content with flogging off the private housing stock in the 1980S They are now making changes to push those in social housing into the hands of private landlords necessitating an increase in housing benefit to keep vulnerable people and families being rendered homeless NOW ,will Right minded think before they vote because they didn't last time we are saddled us with a cobbled together coalition who's joint programme or should I say pogrom
has not even been put before the electorate the gap between the haves and have nots is set to widen enormously if you happen to be a low earner living in a wealthy area you get hit particularly hard in terms of living standards the Lords must put the brakes on this
unneccessarily draconion and ideological cull This is whera a well meaning philanthropist
may be the only route to challenging some of this in the courts.
Idon't expect much support in Tunbridge wells from those who have no idea what living on benefits is like and how stupid the idea If you are able to work that living on benefit is a life style choice.while many wealthy chairmen of retail conglomerates line up to support the government the likes of chief economist to HSBc has serious misgivings about how much money will be removed from the economy once the measures in the budget take place next year the Government lied when they said they would look after genuinely Disabled people.this is the most shameful episode of politicalapartheid for a decade