Saturday, 4 September 2010

growth slows as confidence slumps

Clearly George Osbourne is fooling many tory voters but not the business people on whom we rely for manufacturing and service sector jobs strangely the majority of business owners are traditionally tory voters but hjave not allowed the 80s to convince them that tory dogma is no way to run a successful economy ever since the Osbourne budget the writing has been on the wall the most damaging aspects of the budget are still to hit us as arethe unnecessarily draconian cuts which will have to be reversed or at least seriously modified to avoid depriving the private sector of much need custom ifthe private sector is to avoidlarge scale redundanciesall this is direcctly as a resultof David Cameron's and George Osbourne'sfoolhardy atitude to the country's deficit which as Vince Cable and Labour said before the election could be managed over a longer period in order to avoid what businesses are now saying will happen It has all been patently obvious wealthy tory voters won't admit it becausethey can afford a recession, indeed they'll make money from it while those on average or low incomes will be totally stuffed as for tose who rely on benefitsI need say no more the clouds that have been looming since MAYis getting close to bursting, to say it isn't negative it's obviousdon't blame me i didn't vote CONdem