Saturday, 4 September 2010

cracks could become a chasm

As Liberals mourn the loss of the great gregarious Cyril Smith the creaking cracks in the party threaten to become a chasm as disatisfaction with thethe so called coalition grows

the findings of Liberal voice may be a warning to the leadership,It will not be heeded. te best thing liberal democrats can do is boycott the liberal democrat congress which will be nothing but a yes person's talking shop with maybe 1 or 2 mildly decenting voices Cleggwill turn on his tv presenter profile which lead to the false dawn of fewer MPs after the election than before for the liberal democrats he has failed in realitythe power is 100% with Cameron who sucessfully and completely duped him the chance of real electoral reform has been negotiated away and now has no chance whatsoever of delivering an electoral system which delivers a proper say to every voter even in safe seats he's blown it for the sake of the party's futurethe membership must recognise that or defect to Labour.