Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Havig already wrought havoc among the poorest and most vulnerable in society further disjointed thinking has emerged about social housing apparently we are told the reason unemployment is high is because those in social housing are not mobile enough to meet the needs of the economy so the government, on the face of it not unreasonably is to make it easier for social housing tennants to move house to un identified places where un identified jobs supposedly exist even though IAIN DUNAN-SMITH refused no less than 5 times on a recent question time to say where the jobs he can apparently pluck out of the sky, are to be found
one wonders how he hoplds his current portfolio as his record of getting people of benefit and back to work is nothing short of pathetic other than producing a couple of uninspired panthlets for hiscuriously named'think tank the centre for social justice or csjand a much publicised visit to a glasgow sink estate he has done nothing for and knows nothing about life on social housing estatesand how difficult it is to survive, for one can not exactly live on benefits or the minimum wage the ignorance of people like him beggars belief.not only is the practicality of uprooting families to go where' the unidentified work is,extremly questionable but how are local authorities supposed to budget for public services if as theuy would apparently like, we end up a nation of travellers moving on every couple of months from contract to contract there is no where near enough social housing to accomodate this current political whim.even if thre were is it not better for society to create neighbourhoods here people no each other and ca keep an i out for each other how is Cameron's big society to work witha populus fragmenting every few months due to thetransient nature of the workforce surely better to find work for people in and close to their homes if only to keep down the carbon footprint if nothing elseAs for the PM's assertion that people should own their own homes he really is on cloud cuckoo land if he tinks even a working couple on the minimum wage could get close to getting an affordable mortgage even if it wrere desirableCameron clearly seeks to add to the ' house ownind democracy drivel exbounded by margaret thatcher who sold of much of the housing stock which we find is required today this particular area of social engineering saw manual workers go from renting to buying their own omes,not for their own good but in order that workers such as mine workers could not afford to take industrial action emasculating the trade unions in a trice, leading to legislation to drastically reduce workers rights in favour of employers over employees such is the raison detre of the conservative government which is in no way reigned back by a coalition'partner' devoid of the principles it once had in the face of the tories in government.we are headed for a very rocky ride if this dangerous government doesnm't face the electorate sooner rather than later.