Tuesday, 20 January 2015

was france the result of taking freedom of speech for granted?

I would humbly suggest freedom of speech does not allow those using that freedom to abdicate from their moral duty to be reasonable decent and truthful and not unnecessarily inflammatory
has the world been improved by the cartoons of the prophet, the pope,world leaders only in so far as many but by no means all refuse to be down trodden by those who manipulate faiths for their own warped human ends why rile people for the sake of it surely that is a mis -use of freedom of speech.
Freedom of speech is at it's best when used to shed light on oppressors,when giving voices to justified whistleblowers let us not take our freedoms for granted using them to insult others or their beliefs.I say this as an ordinary bloke who would rather live and let live in harmony rather than yearn to stir the pot at every opportunity Love is the answer
according to all the great faiths and none!written by Mike Knoth

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