Friday, 26 September 2014

who isstrangling the life from us?

In this country there is a set of people - the traditional landowning gentry, the new Financial wealth and the owners of most of the Press - who feel that, now that they effectively control ALL mainstream parties and dictate their policies (hence why Tories, Labour and LibDems all defend NeoLib policies), their freedom to control the way things are done in this country is only impeded by the EU.
Depending on how much EU Trade sits behind a significant portion of the wealth of each group, they are more or less warm about the idea of the UK leaving the EU. However what they all agree with is with the UK somehow opt out of all those pesky worker-rights and human-rights laws which hinder these people's ability to maximise the wealth they extract through exploitation from the working- and middle-classes in this country, also hindering their ability to use force and coercion to keep the sheep passive and accepting.
It's not by chance that most if not all newspaper owned by Anglo-Saxon oligarchs and oligarch families are strong supporters of UKIP, an anti-EU party lead by a City