Wednesday, 2 October 2013


THE UK'S DOWNMARKET LOW-BROW'news'paper has plumbed new depths with a character assassination of the late Father of loyal opposition leader Rt.Hon. Ed Milliband.
The demolition of the late Mr. Milliband's character, a Jewish imigrant , who served in the Royal Navy duriNg world war 2,is based on little more than his freely held political belief's
the reason is obvious it is attempt to smear the reputation of the leader of the opposition by association with his own Father.
the MAIL(becoming commonly nicknamed The Daily'Fail' due to it'spoitical bias and frequent questionable accuracy, also saw fit to post a picture ofMr. Milliband's headstone on their website in a move which can only be described by a decent person as sick. the press complaints commission has received hundreds of complaints but  the Mail is remaining obdurate' standing by the lack of taste and decency displayed by the smear,which the 'newspaper would not have dard to publish had the Father of leader of HM'S loyal opposition, been alive and able to defend himself.
If the press won't regulate itself and the Leveson proposals implementation is further stalled by the coalition,other efforts will have to be made in order that the character of the relatives of living individuals cannot be besmirched in this way as legally you can't libel the dead, another way must be found to deal with unproven accusations as those made in this instance.
The actions of the Daily Mail bring into disrepute the many thousands of decent hardworking people, working in the UK's massive media industry. I would suggest the owners of this particular organ remove the editor as an immediate response to such shabby and unnecessary journalism