Thursday, 7 July 2011


Today it was announced the news of the world is to close due to serial mismanagement.
resulting in the phones of celebrities,politicians,being hacked which was bad enough.
the paper is alledged to have paid police for details of victims of crime,bereaving families of murder victims,victims of7/7 and hacking the phones of the fmilies of soldiers killed in the service of their countrynone of the management of the paper or it's parent organisation have the
decency to resign the ultimate boss has not insisted chief exec Rebeckah,close friend of the prime minister should resign or simply sack herthis seems to be a transparent roose to protect Murdoch seniors purchase of the shares he does not yet own in Bskyb it is looking like
the government inspite of both monopoly issues and issues of the propriety of directors to run such a business.hopefully politicians will realise allying themself to a media owner and living in fear of their apparent power is not so cleverand not a failsafe road to government and a reputation for being whiter than white one thing is certain the judgement of this and previous prime ministers is at serious fault for cosying up to Murdoch's organisations.worse the judgement of David Cameron is once again in serious doubtdue to the eroneous appointment of AndyColson to the heart of the no.10 machine.