Wednesday, 15 September 2010


Utter nonsense as he and others have said before there was never any chance of a greek style crisis King is clearly getting political something which as chair of the independent bank of England he should not do As was pointed out Greece has major flaws in both it's ability and it's culture to wards paying and collecting taxin the UK The Majority pay tax on the Pay as you Earn system which is more robust than most and more or less guarantees income to HM TREASURY with wealthy and blackmarketeers being the sections of society who avoid most the former of which being the sction of society being able to afford wealth preserving tax accountants to keep them in their counting houses counting ll their money In greece most people don't pay it and the government has third rate tax collecting systems the two are not comparable and Kng knows it patronising TUCmembers as if they are all stupid they don't all read the tabloids like he thinks they do patronising git makes me angry grrr!)