Saturday, 21 August 2010

Charles Kennedya future in labour?

I feel sureCharles Kennedy would be at home continuing his life long political battle for fairness and justice for all in the post Blair labour party but only if labour have the good sense not to elect a Blairite to lead the party instead of being a labour party with a blueish tinge as it was under blair and only marginally less so under Brown theparty must reject the nonsense that claims the nation is middle class, reconnect with the working man who via the manufacturing sector brings more revenue into britain and provides more jobs than the city of London not only must it reconnect with the working class it must show the tory middle class media that the middle class is not in the majority in Britain. and work hard to show greater numbers of working class people that voting is important and can make a difference and that if it is left to the rest we will seethe working classes marginaliosed still further with more right of centre governments without the needs and desires of those on low and minimum incomes at heart.
the current government and those of the recent past do not have those on minimum wages at the heart of their concerns because the westminster villagefeels them unworthy of consideration because they are less likely than the rest to vote.those of us who are considered ordinary must put aside our cynicism and engage again in politics and take back ground taken from us by those who have sought to steal our political clothes for their own ends. we need a worthy successor to Jimmy Reid to responsibly represent us not just within the trade union movement but within our currently less than tasteful political arena.otherwise it's camorons and other over priviledged public school boys for many parliaments to come which would be to te detriment of us all