Tuesday, 29 June 2010


Various newspapers and tv news bulletins have portrayed the G8 Meeting as being largely infavour ofthe kind of austerity programme being orchestrated byDavid Cameron and George Osbourne following their tyrip last year to the southern states of the USA to pick up tips on how to save money on benefits for those who cannot or will not work. claims that policies which will take an estimated £40 billion from the uk economy in short order are by no means universal in the G8 one example being Canada who need not stimulate their economy as long as the US gov continue to stimulates theirs which happens to be likely and of benefit to Canada as they are on the immediate doorstep of their no.1 export ,market the US, which has signalled it's intention to continue stimulating their economy. a number of key economies in europe have opted for short term deep cuts to public expenditure in an attempt to cut their fiscal deficitsIf history has anything to teach us this will not work cutting public sector jobs starves the private sector ofspending customers resulting in yet more unemployment civil unrest division in society and perhaps above all increased not decreased public expenditure in order to pay for diminished tax receipts andsubsistence unemployment benefits the names of which change reularly at the expedience of the government of the daythe idea that cut hard cut now is the only way and we are all in it together is flawed and wrongthosewho are most vulnerable loose most while wealthier individuals are better placed to pay increased sales tax or VATas we call it which hits the needy very hardand will inevitably cost yet more unemployment among all those who are not responsible for the flawed policy yet pay for it!
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