Friday, 3 June 2016

belt up boris

CRISIS – Immigration is out of control” - “Is it? The problems in the middle east are out of control!”
“AFTER – open borders do not work” – “I think they do. I quite like a trip to France/Spain/Italy without having to worry about a visa.”
“CRISIS – The eurozone has failed” – “Define failed? If by still operating and growing, while being the second biggest economy and the ability to help millions of refugees – yeah, it’s failed.”
“AFTER – The EU is a diminishing trade power in the world” – “Where did you head this crap? It’s the second biggest economy in the world”
“CRISIS – We are losing more and more of our powers” “12% of your laws come from the EU not the 60% Boris claimed! These laws protect our farmers and the most vulnerable.”
The campaigner finishes by calling someone (we’re not entirely sure who) a “xenophobic old man” and says “it’s not your future – it’s ours! Youth vote remain.”
That’ll tell ‘em! Only 500,000 more copies to go you, you’ll be done in no time mate.
The person who discovered our angry commuter’s work posted the image on Reddit, on which it has met mixed reactions.