Monday, 16 November 2015

as the Tory dismantling of the welfare state attacks social housing ,possibly to include an extremely warped pay to stay policy which will potentially make hundreds of thousands of people many disabled, HOMELESS I found the following in the comments section of the guardian

"The government keeps repeating its refrain about wanting to incentivise people to work."
They have issued enough propaganda to make people think it's those at the bottom that don't work.
Every society since the dawn of civilization has a Leisure Class at the top, in the UK we call them the Aristocracy and they have been doing nothing for centuries.
The UK's aristocracy has seen social systems come and go, but they all provide a life of luxury and leisure and with someone else doing all the work.
Feudalism - exploit the masses through land ownership
Capitalism - exploit the masses through wealth (Capital)
Today this is done through the parasitic, rentier trickle up of Capitalism:
a) Those with excess capital invest it and collect interest, dividends and rent.
b) Those with insufficient capital borrow money and pay interest and rent.
The system itself provides for the idle rich and always has done from the first civilisations right up to the 21st Century.
The rich taking from the poor is always built into the system.