Friday, 11 July 2014


If govt. compromise the civil liberties of it's people and wore spy on them even more they hand jihadists a huge victory which will spur them on to frighten our government into more compromise of western values and privacy.
For a liberal to support this is utterly absurd and once again Milliband looks just the same as the rest very very depressingTHE RAISON DETRE OF OUR Neo conservative,well right of centre, political elite. is to keep people frightened if it's not foreigners it's longterm sick and disabled'defrauding' the state or it's the previous government, not the financial elite who are blamed for the deficit being paid for by those least able all tactics to deflect people from the enormous and outrageous financial and sexual corruption perpetuated by some of the most powerful politicians,judiciary and clergy .
worse the guilty are known but the secret is being so well kept others are complicit in the truth not emerging as it should for the sake of the victims and in order that the electorate may moderate or not it's voting intentions THE UK MUST WAKE UP AND FAST WE ARE ALL BEING SOLD OUT TO UNELECTED CORPORATIONS BY SECRET TRADE DEAL